My Life
Your Happy List!
If you think of something all the time, it becomes your life.
All you have to do, is make your happy list & work towards fulfilling those things.
Make them become habits.                                   Exercise is something that should be on your happy list.                                                                             If you don't have a sport or a hobby, or a project, Pick One!

Many people end up occasionally thinking they are depressed. That is when you have to figure out why.
Do not put someone else's name on this list. It could be your diet, circulation, unresolved issues, situations that need to be corrected. Find the path to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hard Times
If you have a loved one going to die soon, or who is very ill, or have lost a job, etc....this is a healthy sadness. So....try to find the good in it, the spiritual side of it. Keep moving forward to make the best of it, for everyone involved. Your true happiness will come later.