My Health
Health & Healing- is not just Organic Foods, it's also Spiritual.

Those flavorless, tough tomatoes you bought in the grocery store last week were probably genetically altered and grown in a greenhouse with the use of multiple pesticides. 
You might not be able to taste these chemicals, but their carcinogenic properties remain regardless of the number of times you try to wash them away. When you choose organic produce instead, there are no harmful chemicals and the food simply tastes better—it has more nutrients, too.

Drink plenty of water.... 
Have a rainbow-colored plate of food. ... 
Eat plenty of high quality proteins...
Get exercise and sleep...

The list goes on...
Illness & Pain.....sometimes is brought on by our energy body that is processing and catching up to our spirit growth. We ocassionally will have a vibrational change. When things don't feel right, possibly you made a decision that does not harmonize with Truth. At this point, it's best to start trying to make decisions to try to control new ideas & changes. sometimes when your body is suffering some ailment, you have just made a big shift. Stagnant energy can not stay that way very long. It's always renewing. If you try to hang on to it, it can bring on a lack of self confidence, illness, disease. But If you work towards changes for better situations in your life & access new thought, you will begin to move up to the mental level that correlates with spiritual changes. At this point people begin to heal up as well. this is not every situation, for serious symptoms always consult your practitioner.

First find comfort where you are, find peace in the moment. Know you are in the light. You are making a big shift... you have ascended and your body has to take time to adjust.

When feeling insecure, you are really feeling out into a new higher level on a spiritual level. It makes a person feel nervous. But...this  feeling is not depression. This is growth. You have to leave yourself open to learning new thoughts. Maybe a depression you are feeling is actually leaving the body by surfacing into your thoughts.  So..don't own it, move forward. Realize it is happening, then do your homework.

Staying current with the right practitioners keeps you a head of the curve for physical body issues. Don't wait till you have a problem. Keep detoxing and adding the correct nutrients to stay healthy and happy. Stay connected to the people who are speaking about the spiritual side of life. Start to learn who you really are... address a lot of inner thoughts, and exterior situations. It may take a lot of time. We have to be in balance in all parts of our lives to feel healthy. 

Keep it simple... clean out the old and bring in the new. Maybe eat less.
You can look younger, feel younger- it's emotionally based.
We are consciousness, the pain in our body is sometimes brought on by emotional stagnation. Fear, hate, vindictiveness, control, stealing, not telling the truth, lack of compassion, all are capable of making us sick. Another person can be controlling you with negativity as well. Leave the people in your life that constantly are being abusive to you. Maybe give sincere behavior a chance. 

We have to stay within the positive thinking vibration in order to be healthy.
Treat the body as it is a whole. Our belief patterns are so powerful. 
Don't wait for it. Create it. Initiate it. Some times it means spending more time alone to accomplish peacefulness.

Release what doesn't belong to you.
It makes it possible for the body to
be able to function correctly. 
You can go towards your 
Highest Good.                                
And it will serve you well.

What if all you had to do in life is find 
joy, and happiness to be healthy. Isn't
it worth giving it a try!