My Choices
Every day we wake up and start the day.
Not all days run smoothly...
What if you start to plan how 
you want tomorrow to go. 
Start with exercises:

Start each day by first saying....
"I'm grateful, thankful and happy that I have..............................................."[think of something, even if it's just the wind in the trees].

Then Say to yourself....
"I expect a miracle today, and I accept that miracle today".                           [This wonderful little phrase can change your life.]
Make the Choice for Motivation

1. Ambition- dream of what you want every day.
2. Expectation- expect what you want to come. You have to believe you can do it.
3. Focus- you have to put your mind on it.
4. Effort-  start the movement of trying to make it start happening.
5. Momentum- it brings more motivation.
6. Attitude-have to improve it to go to the next level.
7. Environment- so you can win. The place you spend time in & the people you hang out with impact your life hugely. Get out with ppeople who are like minded and that want to grow and be positive .
Put a topic on a sheet of paper
Then you just go on and on writing about this thing or situation.
The rampage of thought puts you in a place of Allowing. You have started to let yourself Allow it.
You can choose how you feel, not someone else.                                          Your feeling is constantly changing. So...just Concentrate on your dreams.
Do something like creative painting. 
Get your mind off the thoughts. 
It will unlock old, & dull, feelings and move you forwards.