Use Intuition for Health & Wellbeing

Love & Appreciate Your Body

To begin, identify one part of your body  that you really like, or one thing your body does well such as walking, dancing, sports, deep breathing, playing music, etc. This  must be something that you really like, not something you wished you like or sort of like.And, it doesn't matter if you have chosen this part before. 
Give appreciation to this thought during the day.  It's a start to learning how to love yourself insteed of down casting with negative mind chatter.

Listen & Attend to Your Body 

• Exercise to happiness. Choose moments when no one is watching and start to slightly dance.It can be a small back and forth thing. Just get happy and dance thru what ever you are doing. Then... you will notice that the more you do this, the more you will catch yourself doing this in front of other people. They will learn from you how to get happy as well. Real men can dance too.....P.S. you don't have to be a female to do this. 
Scanning for Health Issues.  Start at the top of your head and go  all the way down to your feet. You are looking for any places that draws your attention. Turn your attention to those areas. Maybe write it on paper so you won't forget. Then...start to bring it to mind to do something about it. All it takes is:                                                    The goal to get healthier and to make good natural decisions for people to move toward a better body health.
Body's Messages.  Ask yourself questions such as, How long have I been concerned about this part of my body? What are simple steps that I can take to discover what is bothering me?  Is there someone whose perspective about this concern would be helpful? 

Grow &Nourish Your Sensitivity 

Stimulation. Avoid constant work, television, media exposure, or activities that can numb you. Learn to slow down or stop. Cherish time in quietude.
Select one evening per week or per every two weeks when you will not work, turn on the media, or do other things to avoid the quiet. Instead of fasting from food, practice fasting from noise. Give yourself quiet for at least 20 minutes. When you've become accustomed to the absence of stimulation, invite intuition to be at work.
Exercise. Intuition requires energy and alertness. Exercise elevates your circulation and reduces tension. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and do it three times a week. 
Meditative walking is centuries old. Select a place you like to walk in nature or in the city. Clear your mind as much as possible. Begin to walk by watching your feet out of the corner of your eye. Alternate your attention from one foot to the next as you walk. If thoughts enter your mind, return your attention to your feet. Walk for 20 -30 minutes using this technique. When you finish your walk, sit still for a few minutes and note any creative thoughts that you have.                                                                                  • Anti- Aging Starts by keeping your body in great shaping. Don't let the little aches and pains go- find a solution to reverse them back to normal health. you can accomplish this with the health of the correct nutritionist and health practitioner. 
Rest. Regular relaxation and sleep keeps you alert. Make a conscious decision to sleep, nap, or relax when you're tired. 
Food.  Nourish your body with good food. 
Dieting is a long journey to a better lifestyle. you have to concentrate on how much you want to loose weigth and look better on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if yesterday you blew it. Start each morning to try eating better. you must organize your food plan prior to the day you will put it in your mouth, or at least that morning. Best to keep a calendar and weigh in every morning at the same time. this will help teach you what foods are working and what is not.
Imagine what [1] 10 lb. bag of potatoes feels like to pick up and carry it somewhere. If you want to loose 30 pounds- imagine carrying [3] 10 lb. bags of potatoes. Or 50 pounds is [5] 10lb. bags of potatoes. Imagine the reward of loosing that weight how much lighter you would feel.
Choose a food type that is not good for you (sugar, fat, excessive starches, etc.) and go without it for as long as you can. Notice any change of thoughts, behaviors, or sense of well-being. 
Thoughts. Medical research on stress shows that thoughts and emotions can directly impact your physical body.  Guard your mind; invest in thoughts that make a positive contribution to your life. 

Realizing a new goal.... can help people become healthier and happier with a rewarding feeling of accomplishment. Don't wait to find this new goal. 
also... goals can be change in the middle. It's the journey, not the ending.  Each journey builds new character. 
Believe in the Magic- Yourself.